Emotion and Popular Culture

  • The New Zealand and Tonga Rugby Team Haka

    In the traditional Maori haka, warriors prepare for battle by engaging in stereotyped grimaces, vocalizations, and battle moves. Here, a contemporary rugby team uses thehaka to prepare for games. How does appropriating a warrior tradition help the team within this context? How does it effect the emotions of the participants versus the emotions of the viewers?

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  • Sesame Street: Ocean Emotion

    In this short clip, Elmo sings about different animals that live in the ocean, and wonders what they are feeling. From his observations, Elmo decides that the animals are feeling love, pride, hunger, and happiness. Is this a good synopsis of feelings and emotion for a young child? If you had to describe emotion to someone in early childhood, what…

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  • The Beatles Cant Buy Me Love

    This music video is of The Beatles famous song Cant Buy Me Love. The idea of love and money is something that comes up frequently in music, as well as in literature, theater, and many other forms of art. Which is a better predictor of happiness love or money? Why? What are some of the moderate to good predictors of…

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  • If I Lose You – Soraya

    Songs of sorrow are frequent in certain genres of music. The music video for the ballad If I lose you demonstrates hyperbole or overstatement of emotion. This clip can be used to introduce our cultures strong aversion to loss in an informal sense, and the intensity of emotion associated with loss. Which lyrics best indicate her feelings toward losing her…

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