Understanding Emotion

  • Photo of Paul Ekman: States of Emotion Moods, Traits, and Disorders

    Paul Ekman: States of Emotion Moods, Traits, and Disorders

    The following is a look at some main points from “The Nature Of Emotion“, by Dr. Ekman on the difference between mood and emotion. An easy way to understand the difference between moods and emotions is to consider moods can last for hours while emotions last only a few seconds.  For this reason it’s easier to identify emotional triggers but…

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  • James-Lang vs. Cannon-Bard

    Here, two students explain and give examples of the James-Lang and the Cannon-Bard theories of emotion. These theories propose that we take different paths to emotions and the behaviors associated with those emotions. How do these two theories differ from the Schachter-Singer Theory? Which of the three theories do you believe is most accurate and why?

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  • Selye on Stress

    Dr. Hans Selye discusses what stress is, why hes interested in it, what it causes, and what can be done about it. What is Selyes concept of stress? What is his personal approach to dealing with stress? What does he mean by General Adaptation Syndrome, and what are its three stages?

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  • Defense Mechanism Freud (Legendado)

    Freud believed that people use ego defense mechanisms to keep disturbing thoughts and desires out of consciousness. This student project demonstrates examples of these defense mechanisms. Are they accurately named and demonstrated? If you were to make a similar video, how would you demonstrate these defense mechanisms in a clear, easy to understand fashion?

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  • Emotion-Provoking Portraits

    This video presents The Chameleon project, software that reads and responds to emotions. These digital portraits are presented both as art, and as a way to help scientists discover how people react to certain displays of emotion. Can emotional reactions really be measured by an algorithm? What types of issues can be studied with this software?

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  • Understanding Your Emotions

    This is an instructional video from Coronet films, explaining why people respond with different emotions to the same event. The clip goes on to explain that we can be conditioned in various ways display emotions that may not naturally occur in a situation. Given that this was made in 1950, what information, if any, do you find to be outdated?…

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  • Toward Emotional Maturity

    In another instructional video from the 1950s, a teenage girl reflects on her emotional growth, remembering episodes in which her love, fear, and anger were not always under control. By remembering these times her emotions got the best of her, she is able to keep her emotions in control and decides not to go parking with her boyfriend. How is…

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