Chronic and Terminal Illnesses and Death

  • Coping with Terminal Illness

    This excerpt from a 28-minute documentary shows one womans struggle with terminal illness and includes interviews of her husband and nurse. How did religion play a role in Liz acceptance of her impending death and how does that relate to research in your textbook?

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  • Terminal Illness Interviews

    Multiple people are interviewed about terminal illness and provide various perspectives. Questions asked include: In one word, can you describe your experience with terminal illness? Is having hope important? If you could go back in time and whisper something in your own ear, what would you say? Do you have any advice for those that are caring for someone with…

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  • Chinese Buddhist Funeral Processions

    This video shows a traditional Chinese-American Buddhist Funeral Procession. The video includes clips spliced together, showing pieces of the ceremony which took place over more than a day and involved many rituals. Research Buddhist funeral ceremonies; what is the importance of the various rituals shown? Contrast this ceremony with one youve attended (if possible).

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  • Dealing With Grief After Death

    Grief is a process with no time limit or prescription. Sandi Sunter explains the importance of grief and its variance. What guidance does Sunter give to deal with grief at the loss of a loved one? What is the difference between getting over it and moving on?

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