Health and Lifestyle

  • Shift Work and Health

    Living outside “normal” hours can be bad for your body. A small research study of ten people showed that when their schedule was knocked out of whack, they quickly started showing symptoms that lead to diabetes. What other health risks do these shift workers face?

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  • Tempers Flare In Holiday Shopping Lines

    A news anchor reports from Altamonte mall, where hordes of people attempted to push their way into department stores for Black Friday sales. Name some of the situational aspects and stimuli which lead to holiday shopping stress.

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  • The Epidemic of College Smoking

    It is argued that college smoking rates are increasing and reaching epidemic proportions. This documentary contains research findings and anecdotal evidence from students. What aspects of the college experience promote or contribute to smoking behavior? What do you think it means that the students in the video werent interested in quitting smoking immediately, but down the road?

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  • Depression: An Upcoming Program on PBS

    A preview of PBS documentary, Depression: Out of the Shadows, shows how depression affects people from all cultures and every walk of life. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 21 million American adults are diagnosed annually. What does the video recommend as one way to overcome depression?

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  • Should Fat Flyers Pay More?

    CBS News Online discusses United Airlines’ new policy regarding overweight passengers; United Airlines requires large passengers to purchase two seats. Considering the American male and females average size has increased over the years, should United Airlines increase their seat size rather than require large passengers purchase multiple seats? How does Marilyn Wann call attention to size discrimination on planes? Recently…

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