Health Behaviors

  • Photo of Exploding Head Syndrome, Not Science Fiction!

    Exploding Head Syndrome, Not Science Fiction!

    Have you ever shot out of your bed because of a loud bang or crash?  Perhaps a flash of light accompanied the heart-stopping sound?  After hearing the noise, did you then walk around the house to investigate only to find nothing seemed to be out of place?  No windows were broken, nothing fell off any shelves, and your dog or…

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  • PSA Exercise is Fun

    In this home-made public service announcement, we hear about the importance of exercise. Define exercise. How can regular exercise affect your overall physical and mental health?

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  • Anorexia and Reward

    New research suggests that the brains of former anorexics have a hard time telling the difference between winning and losing. A psychiatrist studied how the brain processes reward in both those who struggled with anorexia, and those who didnt. Define anorexia, including psychological problems, symptoms of the disorder (for example, hair loss), and treatment.

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  • I Eat 33,000 Calories a Day: Lisa Sellers

    This is a clip from TLCs show “I Eat 33,000 Calories a Day.” It features morbidly obese people and shows how daily consumption of excessive calories impacts their weight. This video highlights the eating habits of Lisa Sellers. How much does the average American woman consume in a day? How have food preferences shaped what Sellers consumes and how does…

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  • Jessica Alba Anti-Smoking PSA

    This PSA from the American Lung Association features actress Jessica Alba, who loads a gun with bullets she pulls from a cigarette case. How does this dramatization call attention to the negative effects of smoking? What are the physiological consequences of smoking?

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  • College Binge Drinking

    This news clip from ABC discovers the prevalence of binge drinking on college campuses. The clip shows photographs from students social websites in various stages of inebriation. What characterizes alcohol abuse? When is drinking considered binge drinking? How does alcohol abuse affect the body?

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