Stress and Coping

  • Photo of Exploding Head Syndrome, Not Science Fiction!

    Exploding Head Syndrome, Not Science Fiction!

    Have you ever shot out of your bed because of a loud bang or crash?  Perhaps a flash of light accompanied the heart-stopping sound?  After hearing the noise, did you then walk around the house to investigate only to find nothing seemed to be out of place?  No windows were broken, nothing fell off any shelves, and your dog or…

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  • How Anxiety Affects the Body

    Did you know anxiety disorders are more common than depression in the U.S? Anxiety has both an emotional and brain-body/neurological component, and is often associated with low levels of serotonin. Neurotransmitters control movement, heart rate, thinking, sleep, mood, and reasoning. What is the primary function of serotonin? How are serotonin levels an important factor in both anxiety and depression? Stanford…

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  • Wild Divine: Relaxing Stress Relief Games

    The Wild Divine is a multimedia solution to promote self-care and wellness by combining games and exercises that include guided meditation and relaxation techniques. The website includes calming scenery. This clip shows how the Wild Divine website uses biofeedback hardware to assess the state of your mind and body. Do you think this program reduces levels anxiety and/or stress?

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  • Poverty, Stress, and Diabetes Among Native Americans

    Dr. Donald Warne discusses the biochemical connection between living in poverty and blood sugar levels. As a preview to his segment Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick? Dr. Warne calls attention to the difficult situation Native Americans face during tough economic times. Consider the United States as a whole; how might the current economic climate affect the health of…

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  • Anti-Stress Video Game

    According to this ScienCentral video clip, reducing perceived social threat should reduce stress. He used two games: a smile game and a flower game, which both draw the eye to positive imagery (picking the smiling face or a flower with a certain number of petals). What hormone did the researcher measure? Why did he test telemarketers? How is virtual reality…

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  • Self-Effacing Humor: Comedian Rodney Dangerfield

    Rodney Dangerfield delivers one of his no respect routines and other examples of self-effacing humor. Dangerfield jokes about his love life and appearance in particular. How could a sense of humor like Rodney Dangerfields shield one from the negative effects of stress?

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  • Scotty Nguyen Goads Opponents

    Professional poker player Scotty Nguyen goads his opponents by using profanity, insults, and criticizing their play. This montage of footage is from the 2008 World Series of Poker. What is an acute stressor? What is one way to cope with acute stressors? How could Scottys opponents have coped better with the annoying antics?

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  • Iraq PTSD

    [Caution: This clip may be disturbing for some viewers.] This student-produced film focuses on how soldiers who fought in Iraq often return home with post-traumatic stress disorder. Rather than explaining what PTSD is or interviewing soldiers, the clip shows exemplary scenes (filmed by soldiers) that help others understand why soldiers return with PTSD, including scenes from the combat. Define PTSD,…

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