Introduction to I/O

  • What is Organizational Psychology?

    Organizational psychology is defined as a branch of psychology that focuses on organizational development and change, leadership, and human capital in each organization. John explains that you spend a third of your life in bed, at work, and out and about. How does he explain the fields importance? What do organizational psychologists do in the workplace to assess the companys…

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  • What Tools are Used in Organizational Psychology?

    John explains that excellent testing and assessment tools are available to make a difference in organizational consulting and that these tools have been examined and tested for accuracy. By using psychological assessment, we are able to understand people on an individual level and make necessary adjustments. What are the tools John mentions and how are these assessments administered? What tests…

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  • Human Factors Psychology Clemson Graduate School

    Dr. Eric Muth discusses his research in the human factors psychology program at Clemson University. He explains his experiment on motion stress on human performance. Dr. Muth also explains that his lab focuses on human interaction with specific devices in order to understand why were unable to sustain certain environments. What technical fields might need guidance from human factors psychology…

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  • Ergonomics and Human Factors Research in the Classroom

    Cornell professor of design and environmental analysis Alan Hedge and students Scott Brenner and Samantha Berg discuss the benefits of research in the classroom and career applications for the field of ergonomics. Dr. Hedge has his students conduct experiments that ergonomists use in their research. Berg explains that she and the other students are testing usability of different kinds of…

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  • Bad Human Factors Designs: The Bidet

    In this student project, Michael Dixon explains why the bidet is poorly designed. Dixon explains that it lacks functionality because there arent any typographical explanations on the handle and valves. He then explains how he plans to improve its functionality. He then uses post-it notes to show which handle controls the hot and cold water functions, including which way to…

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  • World Business Review Personnel Decisions

    Founded in 1967 by Marvin Dunnette, an industrial/organizational psychology pioneer and author of the world renowned Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Personnel Decisions International (PDI) has been at the forefront of merging science and business into practical talent management applications ever since. Dr. Brian Davis explains succession management and how important it will be to efficiently prepare burgeoning leaders.…

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