Industrial/Organizational Psychology

In this clip from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Dr. Albert Edwards explains the field of I/O psychology; it combines business with psychology to help with performance, selection, and diversity. Dr. Edwards explains that I/O psychologists can create strategic plans and goals for an organization in order to help the companys overall effectiveness. He […]

What is Organizational Psychology?

Organizational psychology is defined as a branch of psychology that focuses on organizational development and change, leadership, and human capital in each organization. John explains that you spend a third of your life in bed, at work, and out and about. How does he explain the fields importance? What do organizational psychologists do in the […]

What Tools are Used in Organizational Psychology?

John explains that excellent testing and assessment tools are available to make a difference in organizational consulting and that these tools have been examined and tested for accuracy. By using psychological assessment, we are able to understand people on an individual level and make necessary adjustments. What are the tools John mentions and how are […]

Human Factors Psychology Clemson Graduate School

Dr. Eric Muth discusses his research in the human factors psychology program at Clemson University. He explains his experiment on motion stress on human performance. Dr. Muth also explains that his lab focuses on human interaction with specific devices in order to understand why were unable to sustain certain environments. What technical fields might need […]

Ergonomics and Human Factors Research in the Classroom

Cornell professor of design and environmental analysis Alan Hedge and students Scott Brenner and Samantha Berg discuss the benefits of research in the classroom and career applications for the field of ergonomics. Dr. Hedge has his students conduct experiments that ergonomists use in their research. Berg explains that she and the other students are testing […]

Bad Human Factors Designs: The Bidet

In this student project, Michael Dixon explains why the bidet is poorly designed. Dixon explains that it lacks functionality because there arent any typographical explanations on the handle and valves. He then explains how he plans to improve its functionality. He then uses post-it notes to show which handle controls the hot and cold water […]

World Business Review Personnel Decisions

Founded in 1967 by Marvin Dunnette, an industrial/organizational psychology pioneer and author of the world renowned Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Personnel Decisions International (PDI) has been at the forefront of merging science and business into practical talent management applications ever since. Dr. Brian Davis explains succession management and how important it will be […]

Internet Recruiting and Job Search Techniques

This clip focuses on internet recruiting and its importance in finding candidates. The speaker explains that the internet is a valuable and cost-effective tool to find sum, market your business, and carry out routine tasks involved in recruiting. He explains that you must understand the different ways that the internet can help you recruit via […]

NBR | Now Hiring? | PBS

This PBS clip reports that, although the economy is struggling, there are many open job positions that have been difficult to fill. Aon, an insurance/risk management firm, is having difficulty finding candidates for 500 positions. They search social networking sites for candidates who work at Aon competitors and their VP says they prefer hiring working […]

How to Get a Job: How to Conduct an Interview

In this eHow clip, Pat Goodwin gives a how to on conducting a job interview. Goodwin encourages organization representatives to be prepared for the interview by being on their best behavior, dressed professionally, and exhibiting positive body language and overall behavior. Examine the interviewees rsum, body language, and interaction. Ask yourself whether or not they […]

How to Hire a New Employee: Checking References

Tina Buechler explains the ins and outs of hiring a new employee, including how to ensure you made the right decision by checking references. Buechler mentions that employers often do not verify the applicants information with a reference. She has, in the past, discovered falsehoods from the interviewee and their reference and this candidate became […]

How to Hire a New Employee: Placing a Job Ad

Tina Buechler outlines how to place a job ad. Often, it is a list of items or tasks the employee will be responsible for rather than a marketing ad that will entice interviewees to seek employment with your company. Buechler explains that you should not only overview skills, knowledge, and attitudes but also promote your […]

How to Hire a New Employee: The Job Description

In this Expert Village clip, Tina Buechler offers advice to craft a successful job description. She advises employers to assess whether or not existing employees can efficiently absorb the open positions responsibilities and where skill shortages exist. Create a job description that answer the questions: 1. What are the skills, education, work experience, and qualifications […]

Best Careers 2009: Occupational Therapist Job Description

Occupational therapists help people with physical issues return to their occupation. Occupational therapy jobs include working in hospitals, homes, and schools. Christine Harmon explains how rewarding her role as an occupational therapist for children. Harmon gives some examples of what she does with children and also explains what roles occupational therapists play in other environments. […]

Best Careers 2009: Firefighter Job Description

Firefighters have a heroic, exciting, and dangerous job to do, but it’s a very rewarding career. Christopher Ouellette explains the adrenaline rush of being a firefighter. Ouellette describes work experience, how he became a firefighter, and what the pros and cons have been so far. Is this a successful job description? What key points would […]

NY Job Fair Packed in Tough Economy

In this AP clip, unemployed people line up outside of a New York job fair. More than 700 people arrived within the first two hours of this job fair. Job seekers explain what kinds of jobs they are looking for and how difficult it is to locate a satisfactory position. What kinds of job fairs […]

How to Prepare for an Interview

In this eHow clip, Shannon Terry explains how to prepare for an interview by researching the company, doing a test drive of the job site, reviewing the qualifications, and practicing with a friend. In your research, check the companys website. Arrive prepared (drive to the job site, bring extra copies of your rsum, and practice […]

How to Answer Questions in a Structured Oral Interview

In this eHow clip, Shannon Terry explains how to answer questions in a structured oral interview by describing the situation, stating the objective, giving examples and showing the positive end results for the company. Terry explains what a structured interview is and why companies use this method. By using specific examples from past work experience, […]

NFL and the Wonderlic Test

Every year at the NFL Combine, prospective NFL players take the Wonderlic Personnel Test to measure a player’s cognitive ability. Although their physical abilities are important, coaches also want to know what their players cognitive abilities are and what that says about their personality in a team environment. The Wonderlic Test measures general intelligence; the […]

Personality Inventories

This video clip from Intelecom gives an overview of personality inventories and how they can be used. Personality inventories have become an increasingly common assessment tool in determining the basic underlying dimensions of an individual’s personality. The use of these inventories may help a person understand and utilize their abilities. Explain how the Minnesota Multiphasic […]

Jobs for Introverts

Laurence Shatkin from JIST Publishing offers advice on which jobs are best for introverted people in a PowerPoint presentation. The presentations goal is to identify introversion, explain which work situations are most appealing to introverts, along with challenging workplace strategies. Shatkin explains person-environment fit, strengths of introverts, and workplace challenges (like multi-tasking and teamwork). What […]

Workplace Discrimination 12 Danger Zones

In this supervisor training video, a diverse group of co-workers is waiting to hear about a big promotion. The group discusses how they would enjoy the promotion. Supervisors Robert and Kevin mull over their options and make discriminatory comments about the candidates. They discuss gender, disability, disease, race, sexuality, and reverse racism. After the clip […]

Now on PBS | Teen Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual harassment is a vastly underreported phenomenon, but some brave young women are stepping up publicly to tell their stories. In the program, abused teenagers share their own stories with senior correspondent Maria Hinojosa. We track their legal journeys to justice, and how the issue impacts teenagers across the country — many of whom don’t […]