• Brocas Aphasia

    In this video, a man with Brocas Aphasia is being interviewed. He is asked questions about a problem he has had with his legs. What are the symptoms of Brocas Aphasia and how does this man demonstrate them? What are some possible causes of Brocas Aphasia? How does it differ from Wernickes Aphasia?

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  • Wernickes Aphasia

    This video is from the same study as the video above (Brocas Aphasia). As you can tell, while the subject is speaking a great deal more than the man in the first video, it is much more difficult to follow the conversation. How does comprehension vary between those with Brocas Aphasia and those with Wernickes Aphasia? What other types of…

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  • Swedish Chef Meatballs

    In this short clip from The Muppet Show, the Swedish Chef teaches us how to make meatballs. Of course, as is the hallmark of this character, we cannot understand what he is saying. Can you identify what some of his articulation issues might be? What are the manners of articulation, and how might you help the Swedish Chef with them?

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  • Word Salad Finding the Right Words

    In this public service announcement, a mother tries to talk to her daughter about drugs. She is unable to find the words, and so her speech comes out as a random collection of unrelated words. Word Salad is a condition in which the speaker believes they are speaking clearly, but are in fact speaking in the gibberish-like manner presented in…

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