Social Learning

  • Banduras Social Cognitive Theory

    Bandura introduces key concepts of social-cognitive theory, such as the triadic theory, fortuity, modeling and observational learning, efficacy, moral disengagement. He describes the application of social-cognitive theory to dealing with anxiety, improving human performance, and changing behaviors. Bandura reviews early research on modeling aggression and discusses ways that social-cognitive theory can be used for human good. Who are influential models…

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  • Bandura BoBo Doll

    This film begins with a slide describing the design of Bandura’s classic study on modeling aggression using the Bobo doll. The video shows a recreation of each of the conditions in which Bobo is physically attacked and the reinforcement and punishment endings. S lides describe the collection of the dependent measures in Bandura’s study and the findings. How would changing…

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  • Children See, Children Do

    This “Children See, Children Do” public service announcement (commercial) shows young children following adults and directly imitating their behaviors. Situations include talking on cell phones, smoking, demonstrating road rage, yelling, verbal abusing a baby, and physically abusing a woman. The final scene shows a child imitating helping behaviors. In addition to parental models, who else might serve as a model…

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  • I Learned It By Watching You Anti-Drug PSA

    In this classic public service announcement from the 1980s, a father confronts his son about a box of drugs in the closet. The son breaks down and tells him, You, alright! I learned it by watching you! This commercial draws a direct line between parent and child drug abuse. Assuming that this is true, can modeling account for this? Might…

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