• The Man With the 30-Second Memory

    The man featured in this video has one of the worst cases of amnesia ever documented. The only memories he retains are who his wife is, and how to play the piano. The cause of the problem is not revealed what are the four common causes of amnesia, and what would you speculate is the cause for this man?

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  • Memento Movie Trailer

    Memento is a movie about a man who has an accident and can no longer form lasting memories. What effect does the structure of the movie, which is shown in reverse, have on the memory of the audience?

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  • The Brain Gym

    Recent studies show that certain mental activities may delay or prevent memory loss later in life. A new program being offered at some senior centers is taking that news to heart. This training is a combination of learning new techniques to deal with memory loss, as well as attempting to reverse some of that loss. Which part of the training…

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  • Erasing Memory

    This is not a plot device in the latest thriller, it’s real – scientists have shown that injecting an experimental drug into the brain can completely erase long-term memory in animals. Obviously there are some serious ethical issues to deal with before such a drug could be used on humans, but what are some of the potential benefits?

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  • Finding Nemo Short Term Memory Loss

    This scene from Finding Nemo demonstrates Dorys short-term memory loss. How does short-term memory function differently from sensory memory or long-term memory? Do you think Dorys condition is a family trait, as she claims, or might there be another explanation for it?

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