• The Bunny Effect

    In this clip a researcher describes her experiment in getting participants to recall a memory that never actually happened. How would you set up a similar experiment? What would you be testing for?

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  • Stephen Wiltshire Draws Rome from Memory

    Stephen Wiltshire, a man with autism, has an extraordinary savant ability. He can fly over a major city and then redraw the city perfectly from memory. Why might the fact that Stephen has autism contribute to his abilities?

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  • Tip of the Tongue Learning

    A reporter asks people on campus a question that arouses the tip of the tongue state. Researcher Karen Humphries describes some of her laboratory work on tip of the tongue states. Her data suggest that people look for the answer rather than struggling in the tip of the tongue state. What does the tip of the tongue phenomenon tell us…

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  • Child Abuse, False Memories

    This news clip discusses the validity (or lack there of) of repressed memories. Several stories are told of people who remembered horrific events that turned out not to be true. What are some of the arguments made as to why these memories are unreliable? Why would recovering these memories during hypnosis affect their reliability?

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  • Psych Rap

    Psychology students Paul, Alex, and Mike created a music video of their rap song which contains psychological topics and concepts. Their review of the years content included research methods, electroshock therapy, brain structures, sleep, cognition, learning, clinical, and social psychology. The song does not contain much detail on the topics, but breadth. How does a rhyme or rap help students…

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