Ethics and Writing

  • How To Read Citations

    This video explains how to read citations, including how to differentiate what kind of source a citation is referencing. What are the three most common types of references cited in a bibliography? What are some easy ways to remember how to distinguish between types of references?

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  • How To Identify Scholarly Journal Articles

    A cartoon character introduces this short video from the series entitled Research Minutes, produced by the Olin Library at Cornell. To identify scholarly articles, viewers are instructed to look for an abstract, the institutional affiliations of the authors, any specialized vocabulary, the presence of graphs and stats, and a bibliography. What are some of the characteristics of scholarly articles? How…

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  • Almost Real News: The Truth About Scholarly Journals

    Olin Library at Cornell produced this short video on the nature of scholarly journals. An animated newspaper describes the difference between scholarly journals and popular magazines such as Time, Newsweek, and Cosmopolitan. How do popular magazines differ from scholarly journals? Is there anything else incoming students need to know about scholarly journals? What additional details or content would you suggest?

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  • What is Plagiarism?

    This clip explains both what plagiarism is, and what some of the consequences can be. The video pushes the concept of intellectual honesty. What are some of the examples of plagiarism that are given in this clip? Do you think that each of these examples are equally unethical?

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  • History of Informed Consent

    Photos and a timeline are shown as a voice-over discusses the history of informed consent, including what led to the rules regarding informed consent, and what those rules are. What are some of the examples given of experiments that did not include informed consent, and how did they violate the rights of the participants? Do you find the mnemonic at…

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