• The Human Skin Animation Video

    This short animation provides a quick overview of the epidermis and dermis. The bodys largest organ is the skin, which serves to provide protection to the rest of the body. What are the various kinds of mechanoreceptors and where are they located in the skin? What is the function of each?

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  • The Sensory Cortex and Touch

    A narrator explains our sense of touch using simple diagrams. The sensory cortex is represented in red and has an arrow pointing to it. As the process of touch proceeds from the epidermis, the associated structures are highlighted and denoted with arrows. What is the function of Meissners corpuscles? How do Pacinian and Ruffini corpuscles differ?

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  • The Tacto Phone

    This video demonstrates The Tacto Phone, a concept developed by Oren Horev and Victor Szilagyi, which explored how the back of a mobile phone could be used as a space to engage the hand’s sense of touch. What is Haptic Exploration, and what do we use it for? Why is it vital to our everyday lives? How is Haptic Exploration demonstrated here?

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  • Rubber Hand Illusion

    The rubber hand illusion might help develop more realistic sensations for those who have lost a limb. What do you think accounts for the sensation that the hand is being touched? There are no nerves in a fake hand, so what are the amputees reacting to?

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  • Virtual Reality for Soldiers Burn Pain

    University of Washington researcher Hunter Hoffman has developed a cool virtual reality game that has actually been shown to make the excruciating rehabilitation fun. Paul Simon’s music from the album “Graceland” is played during the game. What other games might work in this kind of situation? What other applications could you see for this type of device?

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