Gender Development and Roles

  • Gender Controversy Runner Welcomed Home

    Caster Semenya, a native of South Africa, won the 800 meter world championships in Berlin and returned home to controversy over her gender. Her gold medal is being challenged by the Association of Athletics Federations (AAF) officials who, according to USA Today, explained questions had been raised about her muscular physique and stunning improvement in times. If Semenya has lived…

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  • Gender Identity Development

    An interviewer questions two young boys about their gender and why they know why they are either a boy or a girl. She initially asks two questions: Are you a boy or a girl? and When you were born, were you a boy or a girl? Generally, by what age do children develop gender constancy?

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  • Mans Last Stand

    This ad from Dodge debuted during the 2010 Super Bowl and immediately got a lot of attention for its cleverness. How is the male gender depicted in this ad? Considering no women appear in the ad, how do you think the female gender is depicted in this ad?

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  • Womans Last Stand

    Please note: This clip has strong language in the last seconds of the video. This video was created in answer to the Dodge ad, Mans Last Stand (see above). While that ad has no women in it, nor does it mention women, the creators of this ad seem to suggest it depicts women in a specific way. How does this video depict both…

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