Attitudes, Beliefs, and Consistency

  • Photo of Psychology of Mass Hysteria

    Psychology of Mass Hysteria

    When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, an interesting behavior took place.  Within a few days of the warnings about the spread of COVID-19, people flocked to the stores to buy supplies.  Although that isn’t a behavior out of the ordinary, one of the items people hoarded in great supply was – toilet paper. There will likely be many ongoing theories as…

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  • Stanford Prison Experiment

    This clip explains Philip Zimbardos Stanford Prison Experiment. Students volunteered to participate as either prisoners or prison guards. The prisoner participants were arrested from their homes and were kept in small cells for 24-hour periods. The guards worked 8-hour shifts. Although students entered the experiment in good physical and mental health, prisoners became ill and zombie-like while guards became demanding…

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  • Tough Day? Think Positive!

    In this Huggies ad a child is confronted with a tough dayhe gets fired, his car is impounded, and he is unable to get into his house. Even with all these difficult and challenging occurrences, he keeps a smile on his face and seems to have a positive attitude. What do attitudes allow us, as humans, to do? In this…

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  • Mere-Exposure Effect: Attraction and Intimacy

    In this student project, Amber defines the mere exposure effect and gives an example of how it works. As she makes her way to her apartment, she sees various advertisements for a type of beer. When she reaches into her refrigerator for a beer she has to choose between Stone IPA and Bud Light. Which does she choose and why?…

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  • Moral Pharmacist Social Experiment

    This video is a good exploration of attitudes, how they are formed, and what function they serve the people in this experiment. Our attitudes are part of our emotional aspect of being, our patterns of beliefs and values and shape our future actions. There are three types of Attitudes (A, B, C: Affectively based (emotional), Behaviorally based (observing behaviors of…

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  • Cognitive Jones

    In this student project, a young man sits in front of his television and drinks a 6-pack of Jones Soda. He then sees a news report reporting that the FDA has recalled Jones Soda because it contains an addictive substance. Jones Soda is made illegal. The young man is obviously disturbed by the news, paces around his room, and calls…

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  • Johnny Depp in Fraternity Initiation

    In this clip from 21 Jump Street, Johnny Depp is a pledge in a fraternity. The pledge father explains the hardships that will befall the pledges as they attempt to become active brothers. The pledges arent allowed any form of individuality and are demeaned as they complete insensible tasks. What is effort justification? How does effort justification make the pledges…

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