Prejudice and Groups

  • Tyra Banks Addresses the Unflattering Bathing Suit Photos

    Tyra Banks addresses the criticism and remarks about her weight gain in the tabloids. Tyra suggests that if she had lower self-esteem that she may be starving herself like others do. Do celebrities possess enough power to influence perceptions of physical appearance, particularly weight in society? What factors contribute to prejudice against people who are overweight?

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  • Rise in Hate Groups

    This news clip discusses the rise of hate groups in the United States since 2000. Harry Smith and Morris Dees confer over reasons for this rise, including the election of President Barack Obama. What does Dr. Dees think about domestic versus foreign hate groups and public safety? Define Gordon Allports contact hypothesis; how might his theory reduce prejudice between groups?

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  • Shopping While Black Social Experiment

    In this social experiment a African American actress shops at an upscale store and is prejudiced against by a boutique worker (also played by an actress). According to a recent survey, 60% of African Americans feel theyre victimized by the stigma of shopping while black. The experiment shows the shopper dressed up and dressed down. Other shoppers dont interfere with…

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  • YouTubes Symphony

    This video documents the process of creating an orchestra by having people audition on YouTube. Those who make the cut travel to Carnegie Hall to play a concert. One of the problems discussed is the language barrier between the various members of the orchestra. How has the internet changed peoples ability to communicate with each other? How does music affect…

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  • Diane Schroer on Transgender Discrimination

    Starting a new life and searching for a new career isn’t easy, but Diane Schroer, a highly-decorated veteran, is no stranger to a challenge. A former Airborne Ranger qualified Special Forces officer, Schroer began taking steps to transition from male to female shortly after retiring as a Colonel after 25 years of distinguished service in the Army. When she interviewed…

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  • Social Loafing Quality

    This student project attempts to provide an example of social loafing. Three friends decide to make a snack. Two of the girls are working hard to finish the dessert while the third girl stirs and texts at the same time. Two of the girls continue to finish preparing the dessert for the oven as the other chats on the phone.…

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