Other Important Statistical Concepts

  • I Picked the Wrong Test

    This video from the singer Britney Spearmen, sings about the importance of picking the correct test. Why is it important to pick the correct test in order to properly understand the data? When would you choose an independent-measure or single sample design? When would you choose a repeated-measures or matched samples design?

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  • Skew: How to Memorize Negative and Positively Skewed Distributions

    In this short clip of a fake newscast, we are given ways to memorize the difference between negative and positively skewed distributions. Can you come up with other mnemonic devices to help you remember statistical terms? Try coming up with one to remember the difference between nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio scales.

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  • Sesame Street: Neil Patrick Harris has Tellys New Shoes

    In this brief song, characters sing and dance about shoes. Is the list of shoes given a nominal scale, ordinal scale, interval scale, or ratio scale? What kind of descriptions of shoes could be given to change it to a different kind of scale?

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  • Z-Scores Explained

    This brief video describes what a Z-score is, and how it relates to a bell curve. What does the Z-score measure?

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  • Correlation

    The headless professor defines correlation and practical aspects, such as the direction and magnitude of relationships. What is a positive correlation? A negative correlation? Which is a stronger correlation: -.68, .42, or .09? What does a +1.0, 0, and a -1.0 correlation indicate?

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  • Statistical Significance

    The headless professor continues from the previous lesson on correlation. He begins with identifying the four possible relationships that could explain an association between variables. Probability values are covered and how to interpret them. What are the four relationships that can explain an association between variables? What is the null hypothesis and why is it important? How is interpreting a…

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