People and Statistics

  • John Tukey

    This clip is the beginning of an student project for an AP Statistics class. The students who made the film admit that they fictionalized some of the events of his life. Tukey is famous for saying that he would rather have an approximate answer to right question that an exact answer to the wrong question. As a statistician, why would…

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  • Florence Nightingale

    Florence Nightingale was sent to Turkey by the British government during the Crimean War. She was intensely disturbed by the lack of sanitary conditions, and fought for years to improve the quality of care. One of her biggest weapons in the battle was statistics she collected data with which she was able to show that many more soldiers died from…

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  • Statistician for the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

    Fred Hazelton, Statistician for the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World discusses his work with the guide and with on an Ottawa TV Morning Show. While he doesnt discuss his specific methods, he does discuss the fact that he needs to use statistics because there are an infinite number of choices for your path through the park. What sort…

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  • The Gauss Story: A Holiday Tradition

    This clip presents some general information about Carl Friedrich Gauss, who was instrumental in defining and understanding the normal distribution. In fact, the normal distribution is often referred to as the Gaussian distribution. What is the normal distribution? How is it mathematically defined?

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