Simulated Schizophrenia

Included in this clip are two versions of what a schizophrenic hears and sees when going to a pharmacy and at home. The first of two simulations is a slide-show of images with voice-overs.

As you wait for your prescription to be filled, you hear various voices (including the pharmacist) talking about you and making threatening comments; you are afraid that they are trying to poison you and are unable to concentrate. In the second simulation, you are at home and hear voices telling you that others are out to get you.

You watch the news and hear voices tell you how useless you are; you dont take your medicine and think the coffee is bubbling with poison.

You think the weather man on TV is speaking directly to you. Did these simulations help you understand how a schizophrenic hears and sees the world? Why do so many people suffering from schizophrenia end up on the streets?

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